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Author Topic: [TUT] FAQ in eRev  (Read 1859 times)


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[TUT] FAQ in eRev
« on: August 20, 2016, 10:01:05 PM »

Hello good people of eRev, Im little bored so I decide to make article about FAQ in eRev,
maybe it will help some noobie, or some of you.

We will start with basics:


With admins update regarding houses we got opportunity to work twice a day, HOW?
Actually, its simple,
1st you need to have house in your storage ( you can make it if you have house company, buy it on marketplace or look for it on shout box)
Now when you have house in your storage, you need to acctivate it ( My Buildings>Improved buildings)

 and by simple click on Activate button

your huse will be active, now you have possibility to work twice a day.

So how to do it, when you complete your daily task just go to Improved buildings (as its showed on pic. up) then you will see your active houses

So push that Rest button and you can go work again, take duble salary from your employer.


Here you can see all house qualities on one place, with their statistics (energy and time of recovery reduction)


Any house give you possibility to work twice ( quality isnt important )
You can activate more houses of same and different quality (they last for 7 days) and time of expiration and energy are cumulative, but only highest quality, recovery reduction time will be active.
You can use only one Rest daily no matter how much houses you have active.


Well its actually very simple, all you have to do is to move to country whose CS you want and make apply, BUT thats not all, most of you get there and then cant apply for CS, here is why.

When you want to change CS you must resign from all positions that you have in your country, so before you go to apply for CS check, if you are member of government (ask CP to remove you), if you are congressman you have to resign, and leave party if you are member of any.

if you are not on this list you can apply for other country citizenship ( if you are, ask your President to remove you)

congress member cant change citizenship, and finally

before leaving your country you must resign from Party

If you change CS, your TP DMG stays ( basically you wont get any TP medal until you make DMG as you make for your ex country + certain amount that you needed for TP )
If you have companies and you had workers in your county, they wont be able to work for you anymore.

Every Country President have certain number of free laws, and each CS that he approve cost 1 law proposal.


You have registered your account, and you play game in a while, you like it and you want to invite your friends to play it to. Well you can just call them to register on www.erevollution.com but then you dont have any benefit from it. You can also give them your Referral link, and if they use it to register in game, you will get 10% of any gold they got or purchase in game, pretty cool right :)

Go to store  now you have menu with Gold, Gold Bonus and Special Items

Pick Gold Bonus and there is your referral link, copy/paste it to your friend and let the party begin.
When your referral get some gold on his account (donations of gold are not included) you will get 10% of it, you can collect it on same this page, scrolling to bottom and clicking Collect gold button 

For every friend that reach lvl 20 in game you will get 5gold reward and Society Builder medal
There is one more medal connected to your referrals  its called eRevollution ambassador, you can earn this medal by inviting 25 friends and if they get to lvl 20 you will get 25 Society Builder medals and eRevollution ambassador medal, reward for this medal is 50gold, and you can have only one of those.
Also there are some people that dont have 25SB medals but have Ambassador medal, Admins can give this medal to people that give great contribution to game, its Admins decision.


Many players start to build companies and have questions about cost.
Creating factories cost 10gold, you will get factory of quality 1 which you can upgrade to higher quality. Here are prices of upgrade.

q1 to q2 = 20gold
q2 to q3 = 70gold
q3 to q4 = 170gold
q4 to q5 = 370gold

Its same for any factory (factories are company that produce food, gun, tank, helicopter, hospital, defence system), there are also companies that produce raw material needed for producing all of this, those companies cant be upgraded. Ill give you picture where you can find companies and create some.

  you will come to next screen

Just fallow arrow

and pick which company you want to build, on this page you can also upgrade your Warehouse.

At beginning of game you get from Admin one food raw company and one Food Factory ( those companies cant be sold or downgraded once when you upgrade them ) .
Weapon factories have some rules about upgrade, you cant make Tank factory if you dont have q5 Gun company, and you cant make Helicopter factory if you dont have q5 Tank company. Weapon factories cant be sold if they are above q4 Gun ( q1 q2 q3 q4 gun can be sold ).
Number of q1 and q2 factories are limited, YOU CAN HAVE MAXIMUM 5q1 AND 5q2 FACTORIES, q3 q4 and q5 are not limited. 
Admins give discount for creating and upgrading factories and then to create or upgrade factory you need 25% less gold ( this discounts appear once in 2-3 month, THERE SHOULD BE DISCOUNT IN OCTOBER)

Last but not less important

In bottom of page you cant find your Blog, Forum, Support, Wiki, Latest Updates, Rules, Privacy and Contact. Also Facebook, Twitter and Youtube page.
Admins work hard on game, and every few days they give us some updates, recently they have linked all this pages, and you can access them just by clicking on one you want.

Before you start to play, read Rules, dont broke it or you could be banned.
If you have any problem with game, or you just want to report some bug or something use Support page.
On page Latest Updates you can check informations about latest updates.
If you have some questions or suggestions check our Forum, etc.

EDIT: Some pictures are taken from my friends article, so I think that I have to give him credit for that. Player Babo also make great tutorials, you can find them HERE https://www.erevollution.com/en/newspaper/1226

Thats it for now,
sincerely yours phantom986[/b][/i][/font]



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Re: [TUT] FAQ in eRev
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thanks for help


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Re: [TUT] FAQ in eRev
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this should be edited to remove the area about the House being in our Improved Building section, as I am a new player I have none...

But otherwise one of the better written tutorials.