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Grouping companies
« on: May 31, 2017, 06:32:10 PM »
My opinion is that people should be able to group their companies. What I mean is that player for example can select 50 q1 wep raw companies and group them.


  • If companies are grouped then player can select to work as manager in his/her company group by a single click.
  • It is very hard and slow to select/deselect a lot of your companies on the mobile phone.
  • Even though we can select companies by the category there are players that either don't use all of the houses or have a lot of single type company.

Some examples?

Player uses no houses and he/she has lets say 70 same raw companies. Player selects all the raw companies of that type, then he/she needs manually deselect 20 of these companies in order to do work in 50 of mentioned companies firstly, and then 20 afterwards. Manually deselecting is very frustrating and boring especially on slower mobile phones. Player is forced to use houses in order to not be frustrated by daily pointless clicling.

Player has enough energy capacity to work at once at his/her same type companies. Player produces a lot of raw at once and has no storage for all that raw. Player is forced to upgrade storage in order to not be frustrated by daily pointless clicling.

Player has 200 WRM companies. Maximum energy capacity is 1400 if I am not wrong. Player has to select all of the same type companies, then he needs to CLICK 60 TIMES in order to do the first part of the work (1400 energy).

How to fix things?

I will use the last example. If a player can group his/her respective companies then in the last example player can group his/her companies (200 WRM) into 2 groups consisted out of 100 WRM companies. Working becomes much easier; player selects first group of companies with a SINGE CLICK and works in 100 WRM companies. Player recovers his/her energy and now works in second group of companies again selecting them by SINGLE CLICK.
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Re: Grouping companies
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2017, 09:46:33 AM »
I think this has to be popular for a long time. Because it is very good.