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Author Topic: Admin news day 477 (01.05.2017)  (Read 854 times)


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Admin news day 477 (01.05.2017)
« on: May 01, 2017, 11:15:29 PM »

Dear citizens,

We are working on improving the experience of the game by adding new missions and introducing sitter option permanently. We think this will further improve motivation for new players as well as old, at the same time giving you option to have someone watch over your account in case you go on holidays or on a business trip.

New missions will be implemented today. There will be 7 new missions, some easy and some for more experienced players. Each mission will be rewarded when completed.
A little preview:
Mission 9: Expert Trader
By using marketplace you can get your hands on products at great prices. Buy 300 products of any type and quality on marketplace.

Mission 10: Journey around the world
See the wonders of the world and travel to foreign lands. Visit 20 countries.

Mission 11: Successful manager
Starting your own company is always a good idea. Hire workers and spend 100 worker points.

Mission 12: Boost yourself!
Boost your damage in an important battle. Activate Booster of any quality.

Mission 13: Special gear
Gain advantage over your opponent with mass energy or damage. Produce 3 special items (Missile or Health Kit).

Mission 14: Resist!
Free your country of the occupator. Start a resistance war and liberate a region to gain Resistance Hero medal.

Mission 15: Hero of the day
Prove yourself as a true soldier. Inflict the highest damage on your side in a battle to gain Battle Hero medal.

You will now be able to use the sitter option through the whole year, but limited to 90 days of use a year to prevent abuse.

We are further improving the looks of the game, by changing the graphics to all buildings as you could already see for Workout Areas, companies, ranks medals etc. Currently we are working on a new design for front page.

We think double energy weekends have a positive influence on the game, so we are planning to have double energy almost every weekend.

We are once again looking for 2 new moderators. If you want to apply, please take into account the following:
To apply you have to meet certain demands:
-Age above 20 years
-Must have access to a computer at least 2-3 hours a day
-must be active as much as possible
-good English knowledge
-must be without a ban

When applying we urge you to write about yourself as much as possible, like where you come from, how old
you are, how much time you have, what you do, if you had any previous
experience with being a Moderator. The better you introduce yourself,
the better chance you have to be selected as a Mod.
Some questions to answer, for better application:
-Do you have experience with Moderating in any game?
-Are you a quick learner?
-Have you ever been banned in eRevollution?
-Do you have a job?
-Do you have access to computer at least 2-3 hours per day?
-Do you play the game via mobile or computer?
-Are you active in Skype?
-What is the reason which made you send us application for moderator position?
-What do you believe you can really contribute to our moderation team?
-Describe your character.
Send your application to our email: erevollutiongame@gmail.com

We are also looking for people to update WIKI of the game, to provide excessive info for anything about the game; and someone to make a good tutorial video for new players to earn all concepts of the game.

We are open to new ideas for weekly events and improvisation of the battle module. If you have any good ideas be sure to share it on our forum.

Have a good day,
eRevollution Team