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Suggestions / Re: Regarding RWs
« on: May 23, 2017, 05:19:03 AM »
If I understand this complain against update...

Imperialist countries are weeping over the inability of occupying the whole foreign country?
Considering RL it is very hard to do so because occupied have home advantages while invaders don't.
This is why having rules that makes it difficult to occupy large aeries is logical.

And for the "argument" of Capitalism makes one the bad distribution of wealth... well these rules puts majority of players in betters position and that is also owners's interest.
I don't know when are you going to realize that 5 top players leaving the game doesn't change a shit in the game. Most players see this as opportunity to gain something.

Suggestions / World trade
« on: May 22, 2017, 06:49:35 AM »
Hello ppl. I came up with a idea that may be somehow interesting for erev game.
I already put the idea on newspaper so I will only copy&paste it.

Having all chat useful only for trading including the risk of deception I think it is time to make this game a little bit interesting, trading more fluid and safer.

The module of world trade would be similar to local trade... but with key differences...

FIRST Trading with products can be done only with GOLD
SECOND You could buy or sell only packages, with minimum quantity of 1k, or 1 pack of houses (all 5 houses)
THIRD Package would travel for hours (12h is my best guess)
FORTH Like in real life there would be duty (tax) for every package or transaction. Which country gets it is debatable but i think that country that the package is sent to.
LAST BUT NOT LEAST Selling or buying on all chat would be forbidden

But why world trade, when we allready have ALL CHAT or local store...

Well for starters... All chat is actualy nothing more but sell chat... now it would be usefull and interesting
Everytime you send someone money you risk of getting defrauded
There is a bit complicated process (sending email, waiting for answer for approval, sending gold, waiting for products ) for buying or selling items.
With all this limitations, local trade wouldn t be in danger
We should expect better overview of prices
No buying for last minutes battles (well this can be minus for some ppl but in this case local trade would benefit from it because if you need items ASAP you will buy them even no matter the price )
Number of donations should decrease significantly, so Admins would have better control over suspicious transactions...

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