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Support/reports / Gold discount
« on: August 18, 2016, 01:42:56 PM »
Are there any discounts for buying gold here? I mean either getting more gold for the same amount of RL money or getting the same amount of gold cheaper.
Please let me know if there is any information about premium membership, either.

Suggestions / Minor adjustment to all-weapons industry
« on: July 13, 2016, 03:18:37 PM »
Current limitations on all-weapons factories are not exactly right as you cannot retain eligibility to building higher-tier factories and it also makes trading tank and helicopter factories really hard.
Admin should remove limitations and let us trade ANY all-weapons factory such that:

- You are allowed to buy a weapons/tank/helicopter factory of any quality or build a Q1 weapons/tank/helicopter factory as long as you already have either a Q5 tank factory or a helicopter factory of any quality

- You are allowed to buy a weapons/tank factory of any quality or build a Q1 weapons/tank factory as long as you already have either a Q5 weapons factory or a tank factory of any quality

- You are allowed to buy a weapons factory of any quality or build a Q1 weapons factory anytime

Right now you have to keep your Q5 weapons factory if you want to build a Q1 tank factory and similarly your Q5 tank factory if you want to build a Q1 helicopter factory even if you already have one of the latter one, which is illogical and harmful to all-weapons industry, causing overproduction. Moreover, nowhere may one find information about what quality of all-weapons factories are allowed to be traded at all.

Suggestions / Avoiding ErepTrap
« on: July 07, 2016, 07:43:38 PM »
Admin please make it possible for younger players to catch up with the elite in the matter of strength!

Give us a permanent Auxiliary Training Ground such that:

1, Below 1000 strength daily free training for 20 strength points (Q4).

2, Between 1001-2000 strength daily free training for 15 strength points (Q3).

3, Between 2001-3000 strength daily free training for 10 strength points (Q2).

4, Over 3000 strength daily free training is available for 5 strength points (Q1) UNTIL you reach the 90% value of the top strength player.
For characters having more than 90% strength of the strongest existing character in Erev, Auxiliary Training Ground becomes deactivated, but reactivates itself should you drop out of this 90% range. Activation-deactivation should be automatic and should take place just before each daily change, at Erev Time 23:59:59.00.

Obviously, tier 1-3 can and shall be continuously adjusted according to the gradual increase in top players' strength, and it has already been installed, albeit partially. Tier 4 is the game-changing issue here, it is the core of what I suggest.

Do not allow this game succumb to conditio erepismus! There the situation had been deteriorating slowly and gradually, until it simply became unreasonable to create a new character already a couple of years ago. And it cannot be cured anymore unless making many - mostly regular buyer - people very unhappy. So it shall not be.
Make it possible to catch up with the best - in time and with effort. The way I suggested hard work shall help newer players to catch up even with the strongest, at least in pure strength value. However, my suggestion also ensures that the oldest and most diligent players shall always maintain a slight (or actually not-so-slight, thanks to Military Rank) edge over newer characters.

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