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Suggestions / Convenience features
« on: July 29, 2016, 11:09:33 PM »

I am a beginner in this game, I found it recently and started playing two days ago. Of course I play(ed) a lotta games similar to this, but I am kind of excited with this one because its surely the youngest currently.

I did not explore this game yet so I don't really know all of its features, but I thought I will collect some suggestions I was wondering about. Those are mostly convenience features, little changes that aren't too hard to implement (I do not know programming, but I bet), but can make the game easier and more fun.

- First of all, I think we need another international shout-wall, but only for trading, and letting the current one be a regular, international platform for discussions only. I was also wondering about friends only wall, but together with national, MU and party wall, it is unnecessary.
- Military units could be international. I mean, everyone could join them, regardless of citizenship. Currently, if someone wants to join an MU located in another country, he/she has to change CS, and lose TP damage progress. Honestly, I think is a very useful thing in other games, and I don't see any reasons why shouldn't it be implemented.
- Shouts, articles, comments and PMs should be reportable. That way, we could pick why do we report the specific content, and a moderators could investigate a lot more cases, without sitting in front of the monitor 0-24. Players who report more violence, could be rewarded with smaller prizes.
- There should be a report for scamming button on every players profile with a pop-up window in which the player who send the report could explicate the reasons.
- Authors could prevent other player from commenting under their articles. I mean, there could be Disable comments button on the article writing page.
- Players could endorse articles with an amount of money between, for example, 1-100 CC. Money from endrosement could be automatically transformed in to the currency of citizenship of the author.
- We could vote other players' comment, and even reply to them directly under articles.

No doubt most of these ideas aren't actually original, but I think these are main functions that could increase the gaming experience.

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